Sustainability Day

Greener Waldringfield held a successful Sustainability Day on 29th February.

 Ian Kay’s talk secured a large and responsive audience; a smaller number attended the young people’s presentation but were moved by their sincerity and passion.

Clothes were swapped. While the e-bike event was compromised by the weather, a good few people got useful advice both on bikes to buy and on conversions.

In addition to the volunteers staffing the event, 61 adults paid to enter and a number of children attended also.  The repairers – several most useful and talented volunteers from the village together with those enlisted from MakerSpace by Tim Eliot – were kept busy throughout:  30 items were recorded as being repaired; 4 knives and 5 secateurs were sharpened; and 8 items were deemed to be unrepairable in the limited time available. Several repair forms were not returned but it is known that at least some of these covered further items that were successfully repaired. There were many appreciative comments on the completed forms.  Much interest was shown in the Stuff Buddies developing website.

There is a meeting on the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Friday 20th March to formally establish Greener Waldringfield and to make plans going forward. Following  Saturday’s success these are sure to include further similar events.

Thank you for your part is making it such a good event.

Sue, Geoff,  Alexis, Colin and Betsy

I was also highly delighted, Geoff did a marvellous job getting my portable Roberts radio going again. It was purchased by me for my mother in 1977. By the time she died in 1996, it had stopped working. Geoff did not hold out much hope, but painstakingly took the outer casing apart, much unscrewing and prising apart, to reveal its innards and eventually found a loose connection, tightened it up – and sound! He then had the job of putting the whole thing together again, another mammoth task. Switched on and the whole thing worked perfectly. In addition his wife Sue repaired two pieces of china for me. So a big thank you to them both from me.”


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