Waldringfield, Hemley and Newbourne Scattered Orchard

Waldringfield, Hemley and Newbourne Scattered Orchard began in 2012, when with much support and advice from the Suffolk Traditional Orchards Group – now Orchards East – the first 60 trees were planted on publicly accessible land across the three parishes e.g. village halls, verges, churchyards etc.   This is ‘fruit for all for free’ – we encourage scrumping and foraging.  In the years since we have run pruning and grafting courses, and planted another twenty or so trees. 

We hope people might find these lists useful: one of trees and their location with the details of fruit quality, the other of fruiting, picking and keeping times.  The lists are in a Word Table, so can be manipulated using sort by.

In November 2019 The Scattered Orchard Group is part-funding (the majority of the costs are being generously met by Suffolk Coasts and Heaths) some fill in hedging along Mill Road.  This is fruiting hedge for wild-life, though doubtless some humans will steal bird cherries and myrobalan plums.


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