Sustainability Day

Greener Waldringfield held a successful Sustainability Day on 29th February.  Ian Kay's talk secured a large and responsive audience; a smaller number attended the young people's presentation but were moved by their sincerity and passion. Clothes were swapped. While the e-bike event was compromised by the weather, a good few people got useful advice both … Continue reading Sustainability Day

Waldringfield, Hemley and Newbourne Scattered Orchard

Waldringfield, Hemley and Newbourne Scattered Orchard began in 2012, when with much support and advice from the Suffolk Traditional Orchards Group – now Orchards East – the first 60 trees were planted on publicly accessible land across the three parishes e.g. village halls, verges, churchyards etc.   This is ‘fruit for all for free’ – we … Continue reading Waldringfield, Hemley and Newbourne Scattered Orchard

Ideas for Greening Waldringfield

1. School Walking Bus & Drop Off place: East Suffolk's GreenPrint Forum has already won funds for its Sustainable Travel Plan, which includes School Walking Buses. While the Waldringfield Head will need to advise on safe-keeping regulations, if that 0.75 acre scrub-land triangle on the SE sector from our Waldringfield Heath cross-roads could be made … Continue reading Ideas for Greening Waldringfield

Please sign this petition – and news of a local talk

from Greener Rendlesham: "This is a really important petition: for the County Council to act on it, we need everyone we know to sign it – (provided they live in Suffolk). So please send to all our contacts and please would Transition Woodbridge, Greener Fram, Greener Sax and Greener Waldringfield forward it to all their … Continue reading Please sign this petition – and news of a local talk