Join us!

Please join Greener Waldringfield to help with the Climate and Ecological Emergency!

In February Greener Waldringfield had its most successful event yet, the Sustainability Day with Repair Cafe – relevant, practical, attended by a good range of old and young, villagers and sympathisers from afield, inspiring and fun. We planned the following month to have an open meeting to put Greener Waldringfield, which has since 2010 worked on an ad hoc basis, on a formal footing.

But then came Covid….. so after the delay:

you are now warmly invited to a

Zoom meeting on Thursday 14th January 2021 at 7.30

 to adopt a constitution,

elect a working group

and enable the setting up of a bank account

With these in place GW can go forward with greater continuity, accountability and transparency. 

We can start planning for regular Repair Cafes, for instance.

In the meantime we hope that the Parish Council will have declared a Climate Emergency. Many Parishes have already done so. Martlesham, for instance, has already had several meetings of its Climate Committee and Rendlesham has even got a plan, which you can see on their website.

The PC has only limited power and money but it is important that we use the democratic institutions we have – the PC can apply for grants, exert pressure and give formal backing and perhaps this kind of activity will help local government retrieve some of the power that has been so eroded by the centralising tendencies of both major political parties over the last thirty years.

Greener Waldringfield can play an important role in both organising feet on the ground and hands to the pump, as well as being a place to talk about the issues. contains a digest of relevant and on-going initiatives in the village so far.

For what our neighbour Martlesham is doing see Current Issue | Martlesham Monthly

Managing the website is a task that urgently needs a new volunteer!  Asap!

Betsy Reid


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