hedge planting in Waldringfield

A report from Christine Fisher Key, Waldringfield Tree Warden

Here are some pictures I took yesterday on Newbourne Road.

We had six people spaced out as you can see – the length of the hedge was about 30m and it was all mulched with straw on completion.

Socially distanced hedge-planting

A slightly different combination of people came to dig over the strip on Monday so it was ready for planting. So 11 people were involved, lots of thanks to them.

The hedging was supplied by Suffolk Tree Warden Network sponsored by the Tree Council, with the Woodland Trust and Suffolk County Council working in partnership. The straw for mulching was supplied by James Stock, Master Thatcher.

The other photos are of photos of part of the hedge that was planted at Mill Road last week which Mariah Ballam organised. This was extending the hedge planted last year, so there is now a huge length of hedge on Mill Road.


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