Ideas for Greening Waldringfield

1.  School Walking Bus & Drop Off place: 

East Suffolk's  GreenPrint Forum has already won funds for its Sustainable Travel Plan, which includes School Walking Buses.   

While the Waldringfield Head will need to advise on safe-keeping regulations, if that 0.75 acre scrub-land triangle on the SE sector from our Waldringfield Heath cross-roads could be made into a car  drop-off/pick-up  place, the school-children could have a 1 km, traffic free walk to or from along The Folly bridle-way.  

2.  Neighbourhood Shuttle Mini-Bus:  

Waldringfielders are car-dependent, not only by choice but also the almost non-existent bus-service.   A small working group might study the feasibility of shuttling to and from the Tesco & BT main-line bus nodes.

3.  Pedestrian safety along School Road:

The recently deployed speed warning sign is evidently a thoroughly good thing, but nevertheless two families living beside School Road still find the traffic on  School Runs, re: farming and MayBush, is daunting and some elderly persons find the Cross-ways corner deters them from daily exercise.

If those, plus other Greening suggestions  -  Did any Ride & Stride participants trying to visit our Benefices' eight parish churches, try to cross the A14 from North to South or vice versa onfoot, bike, horse or disability scooter? - merit study, please consider Sandcliff at your disposal for meeting

Neil Winship

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