Have we reached the tipping point?

On Wednesday, parliament will vote on whether to declare a climate emergency. There’s still time to write to or phone your MP!

Hopefully, the government will follow the precedent set by Wales, Nicola Sturgeon (who declared a climate emergency at the SNP conference) and our own Suffolk County Council (who declared a climate emergency back in March).

Words, of course, are not action.

Action looks like this: The Wildlife Group have already written to our local MP with concrete proposals (based on those set out by Greener UK) and have also drafted a letter to the parish council suggesting sustainable guidelines for local planning decisions.

Locally, it’s vital we vote for the candidates who most recongise and are committed to responding to the climate crisis. As Neil pointed out, “voters in Thursday’s District Council elections would be wise to back whichever candidate is most likely in your opinion to help us towards Carbon Neutrality – irrespective of that candidate’s political party.” We’re fortunate in Orwell and Villages to have Betsy as a candidate, who’s been busy recently not just on jointly orgnaising a village litter pick, but canvassing for Suffolk Coastal Green Party.

The European elections will be, regardless of our membership status, as important.

Lizzy, Keith, Neil and other GW members tried a No Power Monday for Earth Day, with – bar the odd hitch – positive results. This was followed by a candle-lit tea. Watch this space for a fuller report.

The same day I listened to Greta Thunberg, Caroline Lucas and Anna Taylor talking about the new climate movement. I had thought-provoking chats with Rupert Read about how climate breakdown will affect freedom of movement (we disagreed); and with a Quaker who’d travelled to the talk from Sheffield – via Wembley Police Station following her XR arrest in Parliament Square.

Linda was also in London a couple of days later for the bee swarm but fortunately, wasn’t arrested! Hope for a report soon.

There is a lot to be hopeful about and – as politicians scramble onto the bandwagon – a lot to be wary of. GW’s next big project is the Green Day in October. Peter, for example, will be among others who’ll be talking about electric bikes and wants to know what people most want to hear about. Alexis and I are off to the Plastic Action Champion evening tomorrow, and we’ll certainly be having a display at the Green Day.

The range of things that inspire us as individuals – whether it’s soil, Deep Adaptation, combatting carmageddon, nature, rewilding, veganism, refugee/migrant politics, plastic – mean that between us we’re (hopefully) covering all bases, recognising the links, and able to share our reflections and experience.

Please send in your own thoughts, whether reflective essays, a single sentence, or pictures from your phone.



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